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“A key aspiration of blockchains is to become a dial tone for trust-based services.”

William Mougayar, The Business Blockchain

So what could an identity trust-based utility for the block chain look like?

Introducing theSmart Identity Platform

Identity and money will change profoundly as technological innovation spawned by the blockchain revolution transforms the concept of both. This revolution enables the building of our Smart IdentityTM Platform that will enhance both security and privacy for all global transactions.

AuthenticID provides the fastest, easiest, and most reliable way to verify real-world identities across the Internet with automated identity and trust verification. We call this the "first mile" of identity authentication that every KYC process, biometric service, or blockchain application requires.

What is the "First Mile"?

"First Mile" authentication refers to the process of confirming a person is who they say they are, using a government issued ID and a selfie and some complex machine learning. Banks and healthcare organizations have been manually doing First Mile authentication for years. Now everyone can do it anywhere they are on a mobile device, in as little as ten seconds based upon AuthenticID's core technology that it has been selling to large global enterprises for years.

Smart IdentityWallet Unlocks Everything

Our Smart Identity Wallet combines a
secure mobile wallet to safeguard your
identity and access to a wide
range of identity-related services.

Experience the app prototype

The Blockchain's reach is global

By 2050, the global population is expected to be nearly 10 billion. That is billions of individual identities that will interact multiple times per day based upon the principle of Identity Trust.

We have a great incentive program to help us get there.

Smart Identity token sale details

What is an AuthenticID Token?

The ATHAU token rewards individuals, affiliate partners, and businesses to authenticate identities on the blockchain. Each token functions as a 20% discount coupon when converting it to AuthenticID service credits.

How our Services Work:

AuthenticID provides a range of identity authentication services to support identity-related transactions on and off blockchains.

Token Symbol:


Total Supply

10,000,000,000 (10 billion) tokens including all bounties.

Decimal Places per Token:

18 (eighteen) decimals (1.00000000000000000).

Number of Tokens for Sale in Initial Offer:

2,500,000,000 (2.5B) tokens ($25 million token value) will be offered in the initial Token Sale.

Initial Rate:

Price per token is $0.01 USD. AuthenticID reserves the right to increase the token price.

Crowdsale Min / Max Purchase Quantities:

Minimum purchase is 100,000 tokens. Maximum purchase is 999,999 tokens during the crowdsale if purchased with ETH.

Smart Contract:

Recorded on Ethereum blockchain, ERC20 compliant and available for review on GitHub.

Coins Accepted:


Exemption from Registration:

ATHAU token offering is exempt from US SEC registration under Rule 506(c) of Regulation D.

What can i do with an ATHAU token?

Access our Smart IdentityWallet and Identity Services

Better safeguard your identity, provide identity authenticated controls for privacy and anonymity, and enable access to various identity services. Imagine the possibilities!

Receive Pricing Discountson AuthenticID Services

For business purchasers of a bundled token package, they receive discount pricing on AuthenticID’s Current and future services.

Trade Tokens Exemptfrom SEC Registration

ATHAU token offering is exempt from US SEC registration under Rule 506(c) of Regulation D and are tradable among accredited investors.

Roadmap & Timeline

The timeline summarizes the planned release of identity-related services linked to the ATHAU token sale. The month may change depending on the number of ATHAU tokens sold.

AuthenticID reserves the right to adjust the release schedule as required.

Our Team

Our leadership team have collectively pioneered theidentity authentication and biometrics industries.

R. Bruce Reeves

Executive Chairman


Blair Cohen

Chief Evangelist & President


Jeff S. Jani


Richard A. Huber Jr.


Todd Reeves

VP of Finance & Admin

Jon Busey

InfoSec Director


Ric Merrifield

Customer Experience & Delivery


Shawn Firminger

Project Manager

Stephen Thwaits

VP of Product Management

Allison Cassara

Visual & UI/UX Designer

Kiran Kumar Tadaka

Director of Engineering


Ashutosh Tiwari

Engineering Manager


Paul Dhaliwal

Networking & Databases

Raveendar Allaparthi

Lead Architect


Satya Mallick

Computer Vision / Machine Learning


Matt Flagg

Computer Vision / Machine Learning



Our Advisors

Our circle of advisors are thought leaders in their respectivefields including the blockchain world.

Jim Karkanias

Artificial Intelligence
Experienced Leader, Machine Learning & Data Science Expert


Bharath Rao

Blockchain / Cryptocurrency
Founder & CEO at


Andy Singleton

Blockchain / Business Innovation


Ken Moyle

Digital Transformation
President, K6 Partners – Guiding businesses through digital transformation

Janet Lawless

Forensic Fraud
Vice President Sales at Critical Informatics


Steve Bacastow

Payment Innovation
Payments – Strategy – Security – Compliance – Software –
Engineering – Operations


Stephen Harrington

Blockchain / Scientific Advisor


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